Our Mission


Our goal is to create a better world through the power of martial arts training.  We strive to instill in all of our students that who you are in life is much more important than any martial arts accomplishment.  

What you can expect

We offer world class instruction each and every class in a clean professional facility. At World Karate you will never be asked to join a special program to further your training. Every day we will work extremely hard to provide fun, safe, and rewarding classes that will help you be the best you can be.


When we signed our our son up for karate, we were looking for an activity that offered physical fitness,  and liked the discipline that was added with martial arts. What we got, however, was so much more. Mr. Brown and Mr. Kimball have an incredible gift for working with children. They have achieved the perfect balance of commanding and teaching respect, while having fun, and making each child feel valued. They never pass up an opportunity to reinforce virtues such as hard work, positive attitude, integrity and so much more. We feel so blessed to have this resource  in our community that will partner with us in teaching our 

child the values that are so important in our home. We are so thankful for our World Karate Family!
   -Tim and Kelley G.​

I’ve watched my son earn his Jr. Black belt the last four years and became inspired by his journey. I decided TIME is going to pass by no matter what I do or don’t do. Soon I will be 90 years old sitting on my front porch and it’s up to me only to decide what kind of memories I want to have. So on June 8, 2015 I took the quantum leap and started my journey. In just a few short months I have become more confident and I look forward to the nights I can train at World Karate. Mr. Brown and Mr. Kimble are talented martial artist and extremely professional.  The sense of camaraderie at World Karate is evident among the adult class. We all help each other and have fun. Fun is what it is all about. My only regret is that I wish I would have started sooner than I did.  

        - Samantha H.

"World Karate has been such a blessing in helping me to raise two confident, respectful, hard working young ladies.  Even behavioral issues at school have lessened for my ADHD child.  Mr. Brown is a role model for my two girls.  We ask our kids what Mr. Brown would do when they are faced with tough decisions in life. The lessons they learn each practice are invaluable!"  ​

     -  Michelle E.

My favorite thing about World Karate is the standard of excellence that Mr. Brown and Mr. Kimball expect. In a world of participation trophies, my boys have earned every single stripe and belt and bar. They understood that nothing would be given to them; that if they didn't know a form or a technique, the expectation was that they would practice outside of class, and if they needed it, that extra help was readily available from the instructors. At World Karate, they have learned to take responsibility for their own learning, and they have come to understand the true meaning of perseverance. The crossover into other areas of their lives is obvious; from school work to team sports, both of my boys know that their betterment rests in their decisions to actively practice and improve.

  Also, I couldn't ask for better role models than Mr. Brown and Mr. Kimball (and several other wonderful instructors at World Karate). They are outstanding individuals who truly care for their students. My boys are better people because of them.

         - Sharla B.

We moved here during the middle of the school year last year, and it was rough. Conner had a lot of trouble with self-control in the classroom and talking when he wasn't supposed to. This year, he's at a new school and started karate mid-semester of fall term. He was still having trouble at the beginning of the year, but after being in karate for only a month, his self-control and talking in class improved greatly. His daily "behavior color" from school is always green now. He also received a character quality award at a school assembly last month & his teacher said "he works hard to manage himself and to be a positive contributor to the classroom."
Also, on a personal note from us as parents, part of the reason we chose World Karate was for the character trait emphasis within the karate instruction. Because the characteristics taught at WK mirror what we're teaching at home, we felt like WK was a great partnership for us in growing/teaching our child.  We're big fans, Mr. Brown. Thanks for all you do!     

       - Melissa C.

My son Carter has been a student at World Karate for the past year. It's the best thing we've ever done for him. 
In a world where there is so much darkness and fear, it's consistently refreshing to spend time with David Brown and his staff. He teaches equal parts character and integrity with a healthy dose of martial arts discipline.

         - Scott H.

"Our son has been attending World Karate for a little over a year. Since starting at WK, his confidence has grown immensely, his physical strength has markedly improved, and he is showing greater focus in school, at home, and in his other activities. The encouragement and real life application that the instructors provide is priceless. Team World Karate Rules!"

         - Miller Family